June 9, 2020

As part of an early-career mentor program, I took part in a year-long collection of workshops, meeting, discussions, and presentations about creating an engaging classroom environment. All members of this program were all asked to reflect on our time...

March 22, 2020

First of all, I want to apologize to my friends and family and coworkers and colleagues near and far; some (most) of the content of this post may have been (definitely was) borrowed (stolen) from our conversations. 

Has it really only been a week sinc...

February 7, 2020

Every day I’m reminded of how, as educators, our lives continuously ebb and flow and zig and zag. We have horrible lows in which we question if we’re doing it right, if any of this is even making a difference, if this is the right profession and then...

August 9, 2019

I am a huge proponent of reading and literacy and not just because I’m an English teacher. 

Even before I realized I was a teacher, I loved to read.  Come to think of it, I loved to read before I was even a student.  (Thanks, Mom!)  As a young child I...

August 7, 2019


Okay.  You’re back, so that must mean you took my advice and watched the four episodes on Netflix (and hopefully the Oprah special afterwards as well).  So now you see why I used all c...

March 19, 2019

People are literally thanking God that the work week is over. How sad is that?

December 31, 2018

It’s almost 2019, which means it’s time for a flood of Best of 2018 and Top 5 of 2018 and What’s New in 2019? posts and articles.  While many of those are “fluff” pieces to fill space, reflection can be a very useful way to learn about ourselves.  I...

March 23, 2018

I've been home for almost a week from the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research winter conference, which was held at Towson University outside of Baltimore, Maryland.  It's been almost a week and I have finally found time to g...

February 26, 2018

As I walked into the technology lab, I saw a PhD candidate sitting at a computer with a bank of multiple choice questions on one screen and what appeared to be the start of an exam on the other screen.  I could see she was copying questions from the...

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August 19, 2020

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